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My name is Charles Moore and I would like to use this chance to introduce myself. I was born in 1956 in Greensboro, NC. I was the second to last in a long line of six boys and one girl.

I grew up with quite a large family unit. Over the years I’ve lived in one of two states-- California and North Carolina. I joined the United States Marine Corp in 1973 and obtained my high school education while I was in the Military. I’ve had the privilege of visiting over thirteen countries around the world. I am currently retired after twenty-eight years of service at General Electric. I have been married to my wonderful wife Lisa for thirty amazing years and we have five kids, ten grandchildren, and one on the way.


 I would like to say that I have been going to church as far back as I can remember. Someone once told me I was going to church nine months before I was born. I grew up surrounded with church. Every Sunday, every Wednesday, all the revivals you could go to. I would sing in the choir. I did everything a church member would do. I even made a profession as a young boy. I even sang with some groups here and there. God had dealt with my heart more than once about my salvation and each time I shrugged it off thinking I was okay. After 60 years (over 6 decades) during the Burlington Revival in 2016, God spoke to my heart again to warn me than I was not saved and I was headed to hell if I die. I was driving down I85 headed toward Mebane, NC when the conviction got so great, I had to pull the car over on the side of the highway and ask Jesus to save my soul. That day Jesus saved me and it hasn't been the same since. Everything changed in my life and that included my love for other people which included some I didn't like too much. I currently am a teacher of the Discipleship Class at New Hope Baptist Church here in Burlington, NC. is an open door to the world via computer in reaching the world for Christ and it is my desire to encourage people to look to Christ and what He has to offer them in eternity. May God continue to use us to spread his word of love--God Bless

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